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@ASpittel - Wake up ~5:00 with the little one and get him back to sleep - Wake up again ~5:30 when he wakes up agai… https://t.co/t7PGhdiURu
@__apf__ @lady_nerd Fitbit seems to get it right, fwiw. I take my youngest on walks each night and it picks it up.
@halvorson three days more like three minutes amirite?
@simonhearne Pretty cool little gadget, Reuben!
@jmspool I've been introducing my kids to him over the past few years. Comedic genius. His ability to improv and hi… https://t.co/bxrTglMs6M
I read this as "Protecting Users from Decapitation" and was like whoa I/O was intense this year! https://t.co/NmhjMrSBsl
RT @jenville: We just posted the schedule for @artifactconf (https://t.co/Db8OTN1Nwb)! I'm so excited to see all these amazing folks in one…
@AndyDavies @malchata @ksylor Mostly how I approach it too, but also, as always "It Depends". It's not too hard to… https://t.co/BgKn2HtwqO
@ksylor Not familiar with that one, but if you want a fallback solution you could: A) check for prefetch support a… https://t.co/8dLb81el9F
RT @szynszyliszys: You will not have to self-host Google Fonts any more to get font-display: swap; 🙌 #io19 https://t.co/SldOuoNInF
@rem Are you asking after the fact, Remy? Be honest.
@KarenYavine @adrukh Ah, so I need to adopt a process like Anton's. ;)
@bibydigital Love the leafs on the first one. What is it?
@bibydigital This seems like simple to follow advice, which I greatly appreciate. :)
@dizzyd There will come a day when I give up and buy fake plants, but it is not this day. Tomorrow though. Might be tomorrow.
I love office plants. Unfortunately I have yet to master the skill of not killing them.