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Wrote an article about printing your own photography (as opposed to using a lab) using a Canon PRO-10. https://t.co/XdNeDXy4Az
Published “Winter in the Rockies” over at @exposure, a story about the highs and lows of my most recent landscape p… https://t.co/DVMszsADnD
Well how about that. I made it another year. Let's do it again!
DJI is killing it. New Osmo Pocket looks fantastic. https://t.co/YIYViYCryx
After nearly getting lost in Utah while hiking after dark, I dl’d Gaia GPS. Amazing app! Made the rest of my journe… https://t.co/BHVgzlGt5V
Seriously old keyboard shortcuts dying hard in (the latest) Photoshop. Scale, undo...ugh.
@johnthebeeler @staceyabrams Crazy to see lines of early voters wrapping around buildings.
@Heilemann Congrats Michael! Mmmm...beer and cake.
Wait, what? For real ⁦@Spotify⁩? https://t.co/PD7Bu8hsbB
@Heilemann Absolutely. Me too. Makes it so hard to be objective.
I think for parents who’ve worked in tech it’s especially ironic. How many years of my OWN life has been spent staring at screens?
"I am convinced the devil lives in our phones" As a parent, this divisive topic of "screen time" is exhausting. Som… https://t.co/XvHbnBQewV
I ❤️ my kids - they got all Dia de la Muerte for a local Halloween parade. Bonus points to my son Drake for enthusi… https://t.co/A6f9MF121n
@LukesBeard Yeah, me and a handful of other Turner employees came up with it back in 2006 or so. What a crazy experience.
Well, there it goes..again. Considering my role in creating @superdeluxe many years ago, it sucks saying goodbye fo… https://t.co/ubVkkG2E5w
The web is now one big cookie banner. 😞
The thing which makes travel photography so exciting yet maddening is that your best photo may always be just... ..… https://t.co/DEJSRjXwj4