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Weather and gear can make or break a photography trip to Iceland. New video up on YouTube where I share 9 essential… https://t.co/ahaTZfAOJ3
Typeface for Chernobyl on @HBO is amazing. Brutalist/Communist bones with distinctive quirks and shapes. Looks like… https://t.co/TPeo53mLeh
PSA to let you know I'm now creating travel + landscape photography videos over at YouTube. Feel like I don't know… https://t.co/2WjGcYNu7m
@DataNeel Don't get the hate. Always sensed Danny was disingenuous, so last night's ep was expected. Brutal, devast… https://t.co/McMgVR84Ck
@radiotopia @thisisloveshow Glad I could help. Love your shows!
@thisisloveshow You have some lorem ipsum on your public https://t.co/fL8tInRQ9C page. (Scroll down). https://t.co/iS9ixefeXQ
Banging my head against the wall while watching this. So frustrating. https://t.co/00Wn6INpGA
@david_sizemore @tyler_thompson So cool! I’m going to check this out.
@tyler_thompson Scratch. My son Drake (10) has been using it for the past couple of years. I’ve jumped in as well t… https://t.co/QzmoOLZ8my
Today I turned 48. My god, forty f’in eight. When I was 24, I thought by now I’d totally have life figured out. In… https://t.co/GqA6KMtyUg
Love the idea of hiding likes on @instagram. Be great if that philosophy spread to other platforms like @YouTube wh… https://t.co/HXwMo3LeGE
Obsessed with Street Food on @netflix. Every second is so beautifully filmed and inspiring. https://t.co/9b27lebrUB
Man, I'm tired of fumbling around with a phone in the car to play music. Going to dig some CDs out of the closet an… https://t.co/EONEhk6ggY
@ryanrumsey Somedays that's all you can ask for.
Usually the quality of @PrimeVideo is great, but last night's @GameOfThrones was not up to par. So much color bandi… https://t.co/4LlX5nVbqY
Photos from Lofoten, Norway. Taken during a recent winter trip to the beautiful archipelago.… https://t.co/b7nr0eATgs
Hey, guess what? I've started producing videos from my photography adventures. This first one is from a recent trip… https://t.co/S1DtqE5KPv