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@gooderdle The White Russian.
There should be a male strip club called Buttery Males.
@mark_story Okay, I'm curious. How'd you do the colours? Did you just throw some food colouring on top of a white cheese?
Nearly every time: I need to add space-between on these items. Types `justify-items`. Huh. That didn’t work. `justi… https://t.co/gBkgaL8J0Z
RT @malyw: Intent to Implement and Ship in Chrome: CSS Backdrop Filter https://t.co/5IV8etGrjT Some implementation is available under the f…
@TheMarco I had to take an ambulance once. It was $30. #canada
@sarah_edo @jlengstorf @dizzyd @ChloeCondon I want to buy shirts for everybody at the next conference you’re speaki… https://t.co/XdDfNbNLCO
Interesting early spec on triggering CSS animations with...CSS! https://t.co/AryQ6kzLhN /via @jensimmons
@equinusocio @css What is the "real" web components concept?
@marcamos I bought one from OWC that works reasonably well. Although thinking of buying a new monitor that has that all built in.
@css "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow DOM knows!"
@Quevin It’s been open for 10 years.
RT @craigmod: Well, damn, this is a lovely and heartbreaking short doc about … wasabi: https://t.co/l03M8x0p37
I ordered a VESA mount for my iMac Pro. Going to turn my desk into the best impression of Doc Ock.
@briandusablon Tempting. I mean, what could go wrong?
Discovered in my cupboard a bottle of Nesquik chocolate syrup that expired 9 years ago. 😳
RT @maxvoltar: One more thing... This is for all the night-owls, the remote people working odd hours, everyone working on hobby projects "…
@kitt ┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)
A bunch of new stuff in the latest version of @goabstract! https://t.co/4gdq8Fvi7V