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@_lemonmade @rem That’s a lot of institutional knowledge necessary to 1. make a framework choice, 2. make a router… https://t.co/kGqt7rSRAp
How @rem failed the <a> (Personal commentary: I wish frameworks made things like this easier for developers) https://t.co/cQBFrDKaD8
@kneath Gotcha. I think my tweet may have been too simplistic. (Difficult to distill a world monetary dynamic into 280 characters.)
@andybudd I think that’s often difficult to determine where revenue is localized. E.g. if I buy your book online, i… https://t.co/gabBNraeZm
@kneath You disagree but then use tariffs and monetary policy as ways in which govts attempt to equalize. Nevada ex… https://t.co/NyQQtP6vJI
I wish I had a solution to that. The only thing I can think of is establishing trade and tax agreements over a grea… https://t.co/437HUjLs1H
In a global market, taxes are like any other product and pricing pushes towards zero as countries attempt to compete for “market share”.
@kizmarh I agree. But if I can find some shortcuts along the way, I will take them! :)
Playing around with Grid to mimic something I do in Flex (I would love feedback!) https://t.co/csJRhsxhPa
Once again, I have the Littlest Hobo theme song in my head. https://t.co/J3fQdotHYX
RT @aarron: Great read from @pablostanley. Good to great UI animation tips https://t.co/FLB9yV22rt
@adamwathan It depends on the project. For some stuff, Edge. Other stuff ie11. Even other stuff, I’ll try to suppor… https://t.co/yKDQTr3c1r
@beep > git some git: ‘some’ is not a git command. > woo woo: command not found
@rijkvanzanten I would like that law here! (it might be a law but it isn't enforced)
@tluzat I did the autobahn a few years ago in a VW rental. I was definitely getting passed on the regular while I w… https://t.co/DdQo5idG5y
In Belgium, lots of speedy Audi drivers readily doing 140kph+ in a 110 zone. Would’ve been fun to join them but my… https://t.co/NpUaKA4rLr
I rented a car while in the Netherlands and Belgium and was delighted at how diligently drivers on the highway stuc… https://t.co/TvUiVs91n9
“every day I sit down at the computer, I’m like, “This is ridiculous. There’s no way you can do this.” I experience… https://t.co/Pa4iIhNrq3
I find myself bumping up font sizes when reading web sites. It makes it easier to read, sure, but I can also usuall… https://t.co/61dSmm90we