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A new challenger approaches! https://t.co/pszVzMhKXR
@cmg @DerRusslar @mowgliiapps Not sure that it's worth mentioning if you're already happy with Itsycal but Day-O 2… https://t.co/bSvE1g0IHP
RT @jenseninman: "Mama and dada sit down. Let's talk dirty!" @shauninman and I look at each other in shock. Turns out Link wanted to talk a…
Lincoln, giving us a preview of the next decade, is still awake at quarter to ten on Christmas Eve. He insists "It's time to wake up."
It feels very comic book-y in the worst possible way.
Yikes, the 8 episode of Stranger Things was like a bad Heroes crossover. Can we not do that again?
Trying to program while a toddler resists his afternoon nap is counterproductive. I have no idea what I or this code was trying to do.
Stages of 280 1. I don't like it 2. I still don't like it 3. Sigh 4. Whatever 5. Okay, fine 6. Tries it 7. Someone… https://t.co/mVOju3tGIY
@HoeflerCo I've forgotten more about CSS than I'll ever know.
"I'll quickly prototype this game idea in the browser!" 2 hours later "What do you mean a span of width: 1em; ins… https://t.co/vBTk2SJgmN
I've somehow managed to _not_ drop my phone on either of us.
An hour into a nap trapped under the boy. Is he two years or two months old?
Couldn't have been more wrong about this. Link loves medicine (watching dump trucks on YouTube) time. https://t.co/Djr2WBU3VV
@ChappellTracker I think that's called December 😅
Playing with blocks Link requests I make a console. "A PlayStation. I making a Famicom." That's my boy.
Figured out how @gamesdonequick could top the commentary on their last FFVII run: @DavidDockery20 doing live percus… https://t.co/O4jKNBcXe6