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@RuthReader Interested to see as well!
@_emmahinchliffe Hope we see more of this in the future!
@karaswisher Will be interesting to see what happens for sure!
@shanlynm @MelanieCanva Love seeing this success! Congratulations Melanie!
@jasongaulden Fascinating! Will be interesting to see how we adjust for the future of work.
I had a blast chatting with @Alteryx on their #AlterEverythingPodcast about our mission at @Treehouse to diversify… https://t.co/GcgeZk36jD
“Learning to lead through influence/practice is the best career advice I can give to anyone who wants to lead.” Ch… https://t.co/G09srEsrbg
"I looked around and I made my own opportunity." Listen to Amy Bunszel (@AmyBunszel), SVP of Design & Creation Pro… https://t.co/dJAIQeFTl7