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Increased funding for the US Digital Service is a no-brainer — it pays for itself many many times over. So of cours… https://t.co/GPHO538SN7
RT @TurnerNovak: Big fan of how Felicis includes both logos and funding stage on their portfolio page. Wish more VC's did this. https://t.…
@mikeindustries Yep, made me want to buy $TWTR stock haha
@JoshConstine Will check it out. The trailer looked great
Night gathers, and now my re-watch begins
RT @chrismichel: Sometimes the dream is real. #Norway @BackroadsTravel #leicaSL https://t.co/HLLrAL9371
Uber Eats & "Cloud Kitchens" dramatically lower costs for market testing fast-casual concepts. Great trend. I'd lo… https://t.co/6ontYREoZy
RT @kimmaicutler: Also, only 29% percent of the kindergarten class at Berkeley’s Waldorf school is vaccinated. https://t.co/jaD0NGGT6a
@farnamstreet brb inflating weather balloon
RT @danielnordh: Prediction: iOS and/or Android will have built-in crypto wallets within 5 years. https://t.co/TCzv4MHPjA
@mdudas @TheBlock__ No if you want distribution :-/ Yes if you want to maintain a brand of impartiality for The Bl… https://t.co/zE5BsxlLcN
@mengxilu Probably would be if you made it a religion 😂
@mengxilu make it a crypto credit union & do both
@nmoryl @terronk @bjc290 I'm blanking on the company, but I recall a new SPV administration service launching recen… https://t.co/V90yjgsJyh
@nmoryl @terronk @bjc290 If this didn't charge carry it would be a godsend. But 2.5% carry is out of control https://t.co/ZIOwj6qsOr