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RT @naval: “Play long-term games with long-term people. All returns in life, whether in wealth, relationships, or knowledge, come from com…
@_mandatorydeath @diachronist The algorithm doesn’t care much for nuance 😉
When deep-learning AI competes with humans in Chess, Go or Starcraft we marvel at how easily algorithms can out-sma… https://t.co/9nmGQqMGTv
@MichaelKogan14 Yep, I’d love to see more studies here. There have been a bunch on social media & mental health. Bu… https://t.co/lvVu6yzeXW
The folks behind these algorithms are genuinely well-intentioned. Nobody wants their algo to summon negative side-e… https://t.co/F44qCKKsCa
@MichaelKogan14 I don’t know if that’s necessarily true. There might even be a lessening effect, whereby violent at… https://t.co/OUACVWNGPA
@MichaelKogan14 Study behind paywall — what’s the tl;dr of their findings? I also don’t think the negative consequ… https://t.co/Vsu6NxRN24
YouTube likely doesn’t suggest dangerously wrong conspiracy videos to you. But you should care if it’s algorithmi… https://t.co/QZVxO59KKD
The “inconvenient truth” of social media: engagement-maximizing algorithms create bad incentives. You can opt-out… https://t.co/5rCzC8iSzc
RT @JYSexton: What’s In The Mueller Report? 17 Ways The Mueller Report Could Play Out. 25 Legal Experts Weigh In On The Mueller Report Th…
RT @danheld: "Buddha once said everyone would experience 10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows in their lifetime. Start a startup to get the 10,00…
"Bad faith changes everything" —@BretWeinstein Always worth seeking out those who strive to engage in good faith.… https://t.co/UM61uIZAjj
RT @LarrySabato: Classic sign: "It's so bad even the introverts are here." https://t.co/DhUWM5yWeW
RT @sriramk: Thoughtful piece from @RyanHoliday on being kind over being right. And this bit on Joe Rogan on immigration jumped out. htt…
@zyshankaba @impcapital I’ve always thought Undifferentiated Capital would be a great fund name 😂
RT @mmay3r: Performers iterate with external feedback. Artists iterate with internal feedback.
@sarthakgh Nuance can be had here. You can both celebrate the vast majority of new voices while disliking incenti… https://t.co/my0tfgSv0Z
RT @garrytan: Tech investors have an obsession with novelty, but lying in plain sight are Dropboxes and Zooms that actually work, in crowde…