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If you work remote, is there a great tool you can recommend for tracking your time?
The Google Girl is way too happy about setting my alarm at 7am...
Holiday break is officially over... I'm girding up my loins for another semester of leading students in learning La… https://t.co/Sdznq9DVW4
Truly the commute from hell... https://t.co/ok6CQuUpHr
Looking for movers? Read my post about our horrible moving experience with Colonial "Van Lines": https://t.co/vDXg7trQMa
RT @thealtagroupllc: Stay current on industry trends with a new Podcast series by @jfalesAlta from our global consultancy site-https://t.co…
Looking for a moving company? Do NOT use Colonial Van Lines. Horrible experience with them.
Wow - I like Amazon's promise to replace your kid's Fire tablet if they break it, "no questions asked" https://t.co/vthuQYt42B
Government Financing Sector Not Anticipating Significant Disruption from Proposed Tax Legislation… https://t.co/iDJHHwOPMx
Trying out Spokal to help revive my https://t.co/L9wRph57NH site. Looks like a great product.
@elegantthemes is having a 20% off sale that ends today. Their Divi theme is amazing - https://t.co/0CgveVnpdd
Ever wonder which dry erase markers are going to last the longest? I tested them - check out the results: https://t.co/uTR9wcKvnH
Discovering marbles! Their new favorite game. #screenfastforthewin https://t.co/HaNZwbT7eH
European leasing industry maintains optimistic outlook for 2017 https://t.co/zPixD8POQf via @
RT @JohnPiper: When you are full to the brim, you will spill when bumped. What do people feel, acid or grace?
So excited about the addition of free Audible books to the Amazon Prime membership: https://t.co/5NsNHrc976