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@flyosity These are also the same people who claim that the government is obscenely inefficient compared to the free market. Pick one.
RT @PeteButtigieg: Update: We’re 85% of the way to the 65,000 donors required to be invited to the @TheDemocrats debate. We’re not there ye…
@bkeepers Congrats, man, that’s excellent!
Looking to chat with somebody about App Store billing and nuances between selling app content vs. physical products… https://t.co/KZuj0oYvEF
RT @jnunemaker: Joined @BoxOutSports (@robsco10, @jeffreymyers and @orderedlist) a few minutes ago. Stoked about 2019!
@notasausage Curious how multi-device streaming will work. Currently Amazon Music is the only service with full int… https://t.co/ro422GhEpK
@maddox #hashtagyeeeeshbillcosby
@avalonstar So good to see you, friend! Loved hearing what you’re up to! ❤️
@herbheartlady @paulcbetts @paulnakata She wants ffmpeg here, if we’re going the terminal route.
Come on… . . . . . . . . . … Ted. https://t.co/6UxeU362RM
@rogerchagnon3 Not without the danger of harmful chemicals. I wouldn’t advise it.
@rogerchagnon3 If you remove the battery first, and they don’t eat any of the parts, they’ll be fine.
@chacon In mercy’s name, three days are all I need…