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RT @CodePen: Have you ever deleted a Pen by accident? It hurts, we know 😫 Now you have 3 days to restore a copy of your deleted Pen 🗓 ht…
@siegel @LesterHoltNBC “Where they’ve never appeared”? Excuse me, have they never seen the documentary about the Amity Island attacks?
@hondanhon You said RPO wasn’t the “High Fidelity” of videogames, and there I agree. I’m suggesting it’s the “Twil… https://t.co/KQ5sDhORBU
@hondanhon Isn’t that “Ready Player One”?
@mathewi Yeah, I’d say the worry there is precisely backwards.
@CapulettiM @hormiga @dmartosko Yep, can also confirm this. All of it.
RT @akkitwts: This baby trying to make Beatbox with his father is the funniest and most tender thing I've seen in a long time😂😍 Adorable ht…
RT @cstross: What happened when Romania banned abortion entirely: https://t.co/NatATw7Nx2 (Spoiler: thousands of dead women, state orphana…
I create conference talks the same way ecosystems collapse and democracies die: slowly, and then all at once.
RT @anildash: The whole tl is like, "Well, it was worth sitting through all the incest and horrible sexual assaults and setting children on…
RT @codehitchhiker: I am so excited for ResizeObserver, but can we please stop with the "no more media queries" thing? I turn off javascrip…
The door in situ, and this evening’s reward. (For me, not the door. The door is still on the chicken run.) https://t.co/s8W5AiAxGm
Today I took a door I built (with much help from our friend @JimNauer) and mounted it on the frame of a chicken run… https://t.co/KY5LUK4Ff6
@tealqueer @dougdanger I would say “Hopefully at the Lion’s Den” except I’ve never actually been in one, so I’d be… https://t.co/n5sBoIEzX1
@JAgent9 This ain’t about what I want, tiger. Ivey said that “every life is precious & that every life is a sacred… https://t.co/FGHk53JtbQ