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Happy holidays from our family to yours! I’m so grateful for the long pause from work to spend time with loved ones… https://t.co/scADjrfSsB
Anxiously awaiting Santa and his reindeer. 🍪 🎅🏻 https://t.co/mWKTbSUs76
RT @JRosenworcel: Today the @FCC eliminated its #NetNeutrality rules. That's bad. But here's what's good: This misguided decision awoke a s…
RT @SenMarkey: I plan to introduce a Congressional Review Act resolution that would restore the Open Internet Order and reverse the @FCC’s…
RT @briankinnes: y’all realize net neutrality is more than just getting charged for social media, right? It’s about FCC and internet provid…
RT @ACLU: BREAKING: The FCC just voted to dismantle #netneutrality. This represents a radical departure that risks erosion of the biggest f…
RT @JRosenworcel: Let's remember the @FCC voted to roll back #NetNeutrality on the basis of a record with: Two million comments from stole…
RT @TEDTalks: Think the fight for #NetNeutrality in the US is over? It’s just beginning. https://t.co/QFQ8z2sKWR https://t.co/mzVcWQIGS2