About: A book and workshop by Dan Cederholm and Ethan Marcotte.
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RT @Rach_Jenn: @simplebits @beep Look what came today! Hangover & chilled day of reading for me :D...(& the dog- goes without sa ...
@publicwords Honestly, that’s pretty epic. Thanks for reading it!
@toddlibby Hopefully. Fingers crossed!
@toddlibby Ugh, sorry to hear that! Can you exchange it?
RT @AmericanoPlease: @HandcraftedCSS is easily the most enjoyable and well written web development book I've ever had the pleasure of re ...
A glowing review of @handcraftedcss by @mor10: “Book Review: Handcrafted CSS by @simplebits and @beep http://ow.ly/2oeCQ”
Currently reading (and blushing at) @lizfulghum’s awesome write-up of @handcraftedcss Nashville: http://bit.ly/8YiM7q Thanks, Liz!
@dap6000 Great to hear! See you in Nashville!
@dap6000 Apologies for that. The early bird price should now be restored. Give that another try but let us know if you run into more issues!
Tomorrow’s the last day for @handcraftedcss Nashville’s early bird registration! Register early, register often: http://beep.fm/x/14
There’s *ONE* week of early bird registration left for our Nashville show with @simplebits and @beep! http://beep.fm/x/14
@dap6000: You should have an email from us waiting for you. Thanks for trying, and sorry again for the headaches!
@dap6000: Marvelous, and thanks. Sorry for the headache; we’ll see what we can do to resolve this.
@dap6000: Give it a shot. If it doesn’t work, would you mind dropping us an email? http://handcraftedcss.com/workshop/#secondary
@dap6000: We’ll look into it immediately, Derek. Sorry for the inconvenience!
The @handcraftedcss Nashville winners have been chosen! http://beep.fm/x/5l
RT @simplebits: Win a ticket (and more) to @handcraftedcss Nashville! @beep and I are running a @dribbble rebound playoff. Go! http://bi ...
The next 2 Nashville registrations: http://handcraftedcss.com/workshop get a free Bit Monsters letterpress print: http://bit.ly/90cUR5 Go!