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TFW your million dollar ideas website isn’t web scale 😂 https://t.co/Ib1QPVL6tm
@williamlegate Lock her (and her brother) up!
This may be the most universally disagreed with Twitter thread I have ever witnessed on this platform. An incredibl… https://t.co/sIaTVD4K5V
@Popehat Yup, just in the past couple days. Previously I rarely had any ads or promoted tweets, now I see them near… https://t.co/uD0ALzEiLn
@bhaggs I guess “doesn’t take a brain surgeon” should be banished from all our combined vernaculars lol
Outstanding piece documenting the simultaneous rise and downfall of San Francisco. "Real estate, income inequality… https://t.co/uHDlKeiDKj
@Fahrni I’ve done it, the worst part is waiting like 90 minutes for someone to inspect the car and get me an estima… https://t.co/8f9Rdq4oti
@FINALLEVEL You’d be the Amazon PRIME suspect 😂
RT @FINALLEVEL: Message To Amazon: Now that you have regular people making your home deliveries.. Maybe they should wear a Vest with AMAZON…
RT @petersuderman: A 69-year-old great-grandmother was arrested outside of Disney World in Orlando and spent 12 hours in jail last month af…
@markgurman Does it come with a freezer you stick the machine into to actually use any of that increased speed
@me1000 Shit I just want to use the default iOS Mail app without my retinas exploding from the all-white design.
@eli_schiff Service guy last week came to my house and it was dry as a bone outside so I said he could leave his sh… https://t.co/Ro1Vi6lH7l
Can we make @justinamash Speaker of the House instead of Nancy Pelosi? Just wondering. https://t.co/an9C7EhCFq
RT @RobbieGramer: Trump borrowed between $5 million and $25 million in May 2018 from a small Florida bank, then appointed the CEO of that b…
TFW you do biz dev at a startup but you’ve never had a job before. https://t.co/4wN2HsfLTL
@eli_schiff Yeah that was a bad example for sure
Incredible thread explaining how people who support monstrous candidates and policies mentally separate themselves… https://t.co/KHGq4Pu4u0