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@PGCon @DLangille I have no plans to visit Canada right now.
@ashleyrcarman Expect to continue hearing about it for a long time to come. It's nowhere near over. Plus more books… https://t.co/3A51T7f3K3
@AaronA_74 It's the best television I've seen in years.
Only 1 Mac mini remains, lucky #7, a Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz with 4 GB RAM and a 320 GB drive (and SuperDrive) for $125. https://t.co/oGgcpYIIba
@jarruzza I’ve already been doing this show, actually.
@mc_bride_ I wasn’t suspect at all.
@mc_bride_ 1. Watchmen is not current, is is upcoming 2. I am highly suspect of this show in every way
Now that #GoT is over, I have made a complete list of all the current shows that HBO has for me: 1. Chernobyl
@cameronmoll @SaraSoueidan You should delete your accounts, as this discussion is likely to last quite a while.
@fpccraig @rodemics My guess is I'm "too old" being not-25 and not having pink hair.
@fpccraig @rodemics I have no clue, they're sharing them to other podcasters with far less history, audience, and experience than me.
@c_watson @b2wshow Depends on which one you want as to the OS, all but one (sold) are running Yosemite I believe.
@c_watson @b2wshow DM me please! Easier over there. We could try Apple Pay, I haven't tried it yet.
There are still a few Mac mini's left (those not marked as Sold). I'll be announcing the URL tomorrow on @b2wshow s… https://t.co/jyxEfFDPFL
The @rodemics Podmic looks really nice. Alas I won't be able to review one for you on my new podcaster's YouTube ch… https://t.co/PSlwEtZWCQ
@tgerz Wow. Marvelous shot of it, too. So cool! Paging @johnroderick.
@notbencarter I just saw that myself. I think mine is long gone.
@jsbilsbrough I can imagine there are few trucks there. In the South and Southwestern US, especially here in Texas,… https://t.co/N9k4eixAKW