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The 420 here isn’t coincidental, right? @ Sherwood Forest Faire https://t.co/kwOCDKUVot
If you refer to the Walt Disney Company as “The Mouse” (or worse, “The House of Mouse”) I will stop reading/watchin… https://t.co/2Hgj08Qwq0
Nice of you to say, but don’t you know podcasting began with Serial and Gimlet. Anything before that was prologue a… https://t.co/IFjsfkYYiU
Home sweet sloth. Apparently she wasn’t supposed to use the ribbons for weaving, so she’s supposed to be In trouble… https://t.co/nQe7JAo5JY
@sh He had one (https://t.co/V2nRInfokj) and we are starting a new one.
Apparently I am the only person who associates “It’s showtime” with Beetlejuice. #apple https://t.co/c1JFOXS6hJ
The more we learn about dinosaurs, the more we realize they how wrong we were about their portrayal. They were mor… https://t.co/dCXqqv9BNS
My 11yo watching Bourne Supremacy: “He must not grieve, there isn’t time. He has to just keep moving.”
@countermind The FDA's opinions couldn't be less relevant to my existence.
Do you think we could get 50 or 60 more articles about the difference between CBD and THC? I think there’s still a… https://t.co/xxAGWss0xK
Well I said I'd believe it when I saw it. And I've done seen it. https://t.co/YO1JbQBBDR
@futileboy Hi Ryan! We're not *really* looking to add shows right now, but you can always email me your idea. dan @ 5by5.
@underscorefunk I'm looking forward to watching!