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It’s #Earthday and @cassiecodes has built this amazing data vis with our solar panel API 🌎 - https://t.co/1MmcZ5rqSl https://t.co/GLbfrSZXRp
We’re looking for someone smart and nice to lead our growing team of front-end devs …could it be you?… https://t.co/kwv0wPcPVl
We've hosted a women's leadership and an AI retreat at the stunning Juvet Landscape Hotel in #Norway - we can't wai… https://t.co/E1PWpwWvV9
Ooh, @adactio has announced three more speakers for Patterns Day! https://t.co/5TFv3rWpcS Join us on Friday, 28 J… https://t.co/RjGMyo34Ny
.@adactio's latest #clearletter is all about 'Objective' - Can you define good design? Ft. @lenagroeger Nikil Sava… https://t.co/Wg7jrY6FLK
Thrilled that @trysmudford @cassiecodes and @adactio will be coaching at the next @CodebarBrighton on Tuesday - cou… https://t.co/sCWj5pdiSs
@andybudd @Gringomoses @sparrk Thank you both for reaching out. We will be contacting everyone via email shortly wi… https://t.co/Q8vN6MqINR
RT @trysmudford: 📢 I've made a very little static site generator called Sergey! ✨ Featuring: HTML + Partials + Slots 🤷‍ Why: it's perfect…
James is designing a fresh new home page for an international children’s charity #Wearecurrently… https://t.co/X6XZxj60Mz
RT @LDconf: Calling #design #leaders we're thrilled to launch our next leadership #retreat in the staggeringly beautiful Juvet Landscape Ho…
Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes @clearleft? We're sharing a little more of our people and processes on… https://t.co/8pkvpWWyA9
We're very excited to see where this goes - "A Professional Development Framework for Design" - @cleverdigit… https://t.co/CA07aW5gdn
@cathy_dutton Thank you Cathy. Let us know how you get on @cleverdigit
@Smutchings @Benjieboo @andybudd @cleverdigit has done a great job - we look forward to seeing where it heads now it's in the wild
@Benjieboo Thank you Ben - let us know how you get on @cleverdigit