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@rem My back-of-the-envelope calculations for the number of books in the Library of Babel are here:… https://t.co/XK9W6A3FLf
Bumped into @csswizardry in Heathrow. Statistically speaking, this was only a matter of time. https://t.co/KIFwwy0Jxr
RT @clearleft: We’re on a mission to find out the real state of design in organisations in 2019. To join in, take our Design Attitudes surv…
RT @benjaminparry: 🤔 Going Offline - Adventures online/offline at the rebooted Homebrew Website Club @clearleft: https://t.co/kpjhP7bNgv
Reminder: it’s Homebrew Website Club Brighton this evening (and every Thursday) in the @Clearleft studio from 6pm:… https://t.co/Wo3GPyQlLL
Like me, Tantek posts from his own website to Twitter. So you can see everything @t has posted by looking at… https://t.co/j0jcCHOZdd
RT @cassiecodes: I loved speaking @bytesconf and I was so happy to hear they managed to raise £858.22 for @carouselartuk. Champions! 🙌 Loo…
RT @Amy_Hupe: I’m in a writing mood but I’m out of good ideas. Tell me Twitter, what would you like to know or read about, in the area of d…
I had fun moderating this panel! https://t.co/1Jl3Qyj04v
RT @andybudd: Great discussion this morning with 8 panelists and around 100+ design leaders, on the opportunities and challenges of scaling…
@markboulton I made a cursory investigation of alternatives to Google Analytics here: https://t.co/btD7C5GnU4 (I… https://t.co/qc1ktMCxX1
Brightonians with websites: Homebrew Website Club Brighton is now happening every *Thursday* evening in the… https://t.co/MD6wMl7Vbg