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RT @cassiecodes: 🌎 Happy Earth day folks, Hope you're enjoying the sunshine! ☀️ We have some solar panels on the roof @clearleft and they…
@Natbat Your influence doesn’t get nearly enough recognition IMHO: https://t.co/jAVoqAILJS
RT @benjaminparry: 🤔 Twisting off the lid of my website and adding tags at Homebrew Website Club: https://t.co/JMQIsTh1YD
RT @trysmudford: Super productive evening at Homebrew website club. Post written, cache stage added to an API proxy, and a rejigged home pa…
Hacking and writing at Homebrew Website Club Brighton. https://t.co/pB4GCWkMnj https://t.co/DitJkiVBIv
It’s Homebrew Website Club Brighton in just a few hours: 6pm-7:30pm at the @Clearleft studio.… https://t.co/fYLeZ0H5qH
RT @cassiecodes: Super mega crazy excited to be speaking at the inaugural London CSS meetup! And there's bubbly! Excellent. 🍾 #csscrew http…
RT @slightlylate: Nobody reads the output of their tools. They'd be *livid* if they did. Modern JS toolchains default to ES6-in, hot-hot-ga…
@backblaze When trying to get in touch with support requires support …it doesn’t bode well.
RT @clearleft: We’re looking for someone smart and nice to lead our growing team of front-end devs …could it be you? https://t.co/G5vwxQd9…
@backblaze Initially, yes ...whereupon I get logged out again. I log back in. Now I'm looking at my profile page.… https://t.co/ZVvp8hXIdi
@backblaze (Also: Backblaze has just decided to start another backup …despite the fact that it’s not due to start o… https://t.co/7C0oPaNsnq
@backblaze I briefly get the support page …then I get logged out again.
@backblaze I got an email with a link that takes me to a page on your site that immediately logs me out. I log back… https://t.co/5yTZfEqE5S
@backblaze Despite my settings having a schedule for night-time backups, Backblaze keeps starting back-ups during t… https://t.co/y2jkLxM2Dx
I am very, *very* excited to announce three more speakers for Patterns Day on June 28th here in Brighton: @ThatEmil… https://t.co/YB0WpgOher