20 Latest Tweets from Top Designers

Jeremy KeithRT @frontendnorth: Quantity Queries https://t.co/UrqkCaUHIO // @lottejackson really great stuff historically left to back-end coders
Jeremy KeithRT @s10wen: Inline SVG spriting and currentColor https://t.co/HBoi3dYgxL #fen16
Veerle PietersExperimental tutorial on how to use CSS Masks to create some interesting looking slide transitions. https://t.co/rCTC4Z5lfj
Jeremy KeithRT @natcreates: Lots of ideas thanks to @lottejackson at #fen16. Feeling inspired to experiment more in production #webdesign #css
Jeremy KeithRT @csswizardry: My buddy @Lottejackson is delivering an absolutely stellar talk at @frontendnorth right now. So many really clever, fascin…
Jeremy KeithRT @onishiweb: Really like the way @Lottejackson is demoing modern CSS, showing how things also render when the CSS isn't supported! #fen16
Jeremy KeithSo long and thanks for all the pics. https://t.co/LRrjf2uL6i
Chris SpoonerNew post! Adobe Illustrator Spray Paint Brushes for Premium Members https://t.co/WzVIu7iMf5 https://t.co/nPlcTv3et1
Bobby GoodlatteRT @justinkan: Startups mostly don't compete against each other, they compete against no one giving a shit
Dan CederholmUn-pitted kalamata olives in salads. What a fantastic idea created by orthodontists. #winetweets
Mike RundleHere's a demo of Viv from 4 months ago. Makes Siri look like a college kid's B-grade class project. https://t.co/mNMVU7LpX6
Mike RundleThe emperor has no clothes. Siri isn't very good compared to other assistants. Apple thinks they're catching up, they're not.
Mike RundleTurned Siri on tonight for the first time in months. Asked simple things, got useless responses. Every article about AirPods + AI is wrong.