20 Latest Tweets from Top Designers

Bobby GoodlatteRT @KurtWagner8: May 2016: this was announced March 2017: this was actually rolled out https://t.co/H4NPE2kBoU
Veerle PietersEnd of an era 😭 It was always an honor to be part it. Ad blockers wouldn’t exist if they all behaved like the @decknetwork. Thanks @Coudal!
SnookInstead of crowdfunding to raise money for health & school, what abt org I can contribute to that'll send funds to those that need them.
Eric MeyerRT @raymondcamden: Speaking of Flash, I wish half the folks who hated it would also speak out against modals and other crap being done w/ H…
ClearleftHappy to see some of our https://t.co/sEN74P0Zla team in @netmag this month - grab your copy to read our 'How We Bu… https://t.co/xbL6kwYRpC
Veerle PietersIt's not always easy and any tips are welcome. @zellwk shares his simple method to pair typefaces effectively. https://t.co/E3IZg5HyE3
Eric Meyer@snookca Eh, you just have half the spambots following you. Arguably a better place to be.
Ryan CarsonMost of today's jobs don't map to specific college degrees. Why are we still requiring them for job applications?… https://t.co/mNPstNhDJV
Snook@meyerweb I am half the man you are.
SnookThat feeling when you create a PR before running tests but then you run them and they all pass. https://t.co/da0dNTUj4T
Eric MeyerChecked off the life goals list: reach 100k followers without verification. 100,000 people following me, and they don’t even know who I am!
ClearleftOn the blog: 'Accountability: I should have been more specific' - by @RowenaKP https://t.co/8BQSYdXM6m… https://t.co/EIQyoVmH2c
Eric MeyerRT @cczona: Pence knows, as a fact of his own goverance, this leads to breakouts of HIV epidemics. This is a knowing decision to scale up t…
Eric MeyerRT @aneventapart: Missing AEA Seattle? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered w/ 5 more events in 2017. Escape the grind, get inspired! https://…
Mike RundleRT @BraddJaffy: "We must fight them" — Trump appears to call for primary challengers against 3 dozen members of his own party in the 2018 m…
SnookWe want to avoid premature optimization but at the same time, experience teaches us where to expect change and we learn to manage that.