20 Latest Tweets from Top Designers

Eric MeyerRT @CodePen: Have you ever deleted a Pen by accident? It hurts, we know 😫 Now you have 3 days to restore a copy of your deleted Pen 🗓 ht…
Dan CederholmField of Dreams Life Lesson #3,784: Look for low-and-away... ...but watch out for in-your-ear.
Mike RundleTFW your million dollar ideas website isn’t web scale 😂 https://t.co/Ib1QPVL6tm
Mike RundleThis may be the most universally disagreed with Twitter thread I have ever witnessed on this platform. An incredibl… https://t.co/sIaTVD4K5V
SnookHow @rem failed the <a> (Personal commentary: I wish frameworks made things like this easier for developers) https://t.co/cQBFrDKaD8
Tony ChesterRT @Michael32766593: If a government decided to transition to a #blockchain based economy, with annual inflation used to reinvest into soci…
Mike RundleOutstanding piece documenting the simultaneous rise and downfall of San Francisco. "Real estate, income inequality… https://t.co/uHDlKeiDKj
Ryan Carson (he/him)I had a blast chatting with @Alteryx on their #AlterEverythingPodcast about our mission at @Treehouse to diversify… https://t.co/GcgeZk36jD
Mike RundleRT @FINALLEVEL: Message To Amazon: Now that you have regular people making your home deliveries.. Maybe they should wear a Vest with AMAZON…
Mike RundleRT @petersuderman: A 69-year-old great-grandmother was arrested outside of Disney World in Orlando and spent 12 hours in jail last month af…
Ryan Carson (he/him)“Learning to lead through influence/practice is the best career advice I can give to anyone who wants to lead.” Ch… https://t.co/G09srEsrbg
Mike RundleCan we make @justinamash Speaker of the House instead of Nancy Pelosi? Just wondering. https://t.co/an9C7EhCFq
Ryan Carson (he/him)"I looked around and I made my own opportunity." Listen to Amy Bunszel (@AmyBunszel), SVP of Design & Creation Pro… https://t.co/dJAIQeFTl7
Veerle PietersReady to explore some new color palettes and visuals? You are? Go! https://t.co/rBrO8GZBtp Illu by Timo Kuilder https://t.co/cwZP72gS23
Mike RundleRT @RobbieGramer: Trump borrowed between $5 million and $25 million in May 2018 from a small Florida bank, then appointed the CEO of that b…
Mike RundleTFW you do biz dev at a startup but you’ve never had a job before. https://t.co/4wN2HsfLTL
SnookI wish I had a solution to that. The only thing I can think of is establishing trade and tax agreements over a grea… https://t.co/437HUjLs1H
SnookIn a global market, taxes are like any other product and pricing pushes towards zero as countries attempt to compete for “market share”.