20 Latest Tweets from Top Designers

Eric MeyerFirefox Nightly tells me it’s up to date on build 56.0a1 (2017-06-21), which is five days ago. I WAS TOLD THE BUILDS WOULD BE NIGHTLY, SIR.
Eric MeyerPlease take a few moments to read this thread. Many of you know I have a similar story. I have very similar thoug… https://t.co/QcSUIn5PQb
Ryan CarsonI love this quote by @TheNotoriousMMA #conormcgregor "I'm not talented, I'm obsessed." 🙌🎥 @themateuszm https://t.co/mVhGkU0eQQ
Todd DomineyButchering the beautiful French language left and right, but screw it, I'm trying. #uglyamerican #sorryabouttrump
Ryan CarsonRT @bjorn_fb: At @InVisionApp are excited to be part of this @teamtreehouse apprenticeship program. Best of both worlds: good junior devs a…
Ryan CarsonExcited to see another great product from @tristanwalker 🙌🏾😀 https://t.co/29YxfQ6t4U
Shaun Inman* controllers enlarged to show texture https://t.co/87u5CXM5Vz
Mike Rundle“Flat interface design is just simpler to understand and use!” Entire game industry: “Yeah…. about that.”
Mike RundleYou can have flat UIs that are confusing to use. You can have richly-detailed UIs that are confusing to use. Flat != easier and simpler.
Mike RundleMaking designers conflate rich, detailed design pre-iOS 7 with “ease-of-understanding” was the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled.
Mike RundleWhy buy a dress or shirt with beautiful embroidery added to it? It’s just not needed. Here’s your plain ass shirt. https://t.co/Xx0pyJqvBo
Eric MeyerRT @natalyathree: I just published “Bootstrap to CSS Grid” https://t.co/jHYR8BDfgA
Eric MeyerRT @aneventapart: Thinking about attending AEA Chicago? Today is the day to grab your ticket, early bird pricing ends tonight! https://t.co…
Shaun InmanBetween this and the Switch, 2017 Nintendo might just be best Nintendo. https://t.co/bswSFEkb47
Eric MeyerCoincidentally, 929 is also the total number of units that will be produced. https://t.co/R9e82YK7xU
Shaun Inman*Wile E. Coyote jaw drop* Unreleased Star Fox 2? What's next, N64 Classic with Earthbound 64? https://t.co/l3HoOXqeDn
Ryan CarsonI was interviewed by @kevinrose for his Podcast, The Journal. Hope you enjoy the discussion! https://t.co/VU9cTHppZ4 https://t.co/YX2nhsRkDy