20 Latest Tweets from Top Designers

Steve SmithHemming curtains on Saturday night. Living the wild life. https://t.co/feHLuIEipd
Eric MeyerRT @MagsVisaggs: This. This was incredible. Representation doesn't just matter. Representation saves lives. https://t.co/mmF3JiEyjt
Tim KadlecGuardians of the Galaxy is probably my favorite Marvel movie to date. The trailer for vol 2 looks stellar! https://t.co/MrMgpb2nXC
Shaun InmanThat Last of Us x Pokémon trailer though. "I'm going to find and catch every last one of them." "Close enough kiddo, close enough."
Bobby GoodlatteRT @kevinroose: Twitter should rename "While you were away" to "Oh god, what did he do now?"
Bobby GoodlatteRT @naval: Uber's revenue is ~20% of cost of trip. Basic math error to say "paying 41% of actual costs." Don't learn business from journali…
Dan BenjaminThe #Seiko Alpinist on this cold, crappy Austin afternoon. https://t.co/qQlUoqKCOd
Eric MeyerRT @mccreath: what if Marine Le Pen gets elected and she and Trump start a variety show to usher in the apocalypse and it's called Donnie &…
Dan BenjaminThe dumb thing is, as an end-user, I don't mind Windows 10. As a Rails developer, there's too much I'd need to do to make things just work.
Dan BenjaminMy son's new @Alienware Aurora PC is stunning. Good unboxing experience, simple setup, cool case, 15 min later and he's already gaming.
Dan BenjaminSetting up my son's new gaming PC. First time I've wanted a PC since my Half Life days. https://t.co/ffKpvzKr52
Jon PhillipsReact.js Intro For People Who Know Just Enough jQuery To Get By https://t.co/VeENaDDhUq this is an instant bookmark… https://t.co/7LzZVNtAV8
Mike RundleTiger Woods is magical today. Be still my heart. Just dunked a sand shot for his 4th birdie in 5 holes! https://t.co/Td1GMyb05g
Veerle PietersMy carbon horse meets 2 real ones 🏇🚴🏻 https://t.co/StnXPk28KX
Thord D. HedengrenI'm liking the Touch Bar, actually. Didn't expect it to integrate so well. Honorary mention goes to @SparkMailApp for their great usage.
Thord D. HedengrenIt’s good to be home for a bit. A shame next week is on the road again. Last travel week for the year, I hope.
Thord D. HedengrenGood morning folks. I hope you'll have a wonderful weekend.